Thursday, February 26, 2009

OMG...I love this stuff

What is it I love? I am so in love with Chobani greek yogurt. While the hubby was away a couple of weeks ago, I headed to Whole Foods to do some browsing. I picked up a couple of things I have never tried, including a container of Chobani. Now I like greek yogurt, but I have never had Chobani. Slightly less expensive than Fage, though still pricey for yogurt, making this great treat an occasional indulgence.

Until the other week. While browsing Costco, I found Chobani in a pack of 16. So delicious and now less than a dollar a carton, making this indulgence available a little more often.

Break out of the yogurt rut, and indulge in some greek yogurt. Not only is it better for you (mroe protein, less sugar) but now it is more affordable as well!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Vacation Eats!

Every year we head down to Florida for a little vacation. We are so blessed to have lodging down there that is free for us to use. This year we stayed with Alex's parents for four days and then headed to my parent's condo near Tampa. While we are in Tampa we always head to the grocery store and buy food for all our meals but one. We head out to eat one night and the rest of our meals are made in the kitchenette. This year I went with a Ina theme, taking three recipes out of her cookbooks that seemed light and fresh and they were delicious!

The three recipes that graced our table were:

Also on our vacation menu were vanilla yogurt parfaits, roasted chicken (aka from the deli), frozen pizza, and Carrabba's for our dinner out.