Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rollin' Stromboli

I love making stromboli, first and foremost, because it is so simple and so delicious. I have made strombli multiple different ways: with homemade bread dough, rhodes bread dough, traditional, italian and american. Everytime it's delicious.

Last night we needed a quick dinner, so in the morning I threw together a quick batch of bread dough for the stromboli. Last weekend my mom gave us some lunch meat. Though we liek sandwiches, somehow it usually goes uneaten. To ensure it was used before it expired, ham, turkey and cheese stromboli went on the menu.

With the dough rising throughout the day, throwing it together was easy. After arriving home from work I rolled out half the dough and layered turkey, ham and cheese on the dough. Roll it up jellyroll style, seal edges iwht water and pop in the oven...dinner in no time flat. We served it with tomato soup and salad for a filling and nutitious dinner!

Variations we love:
-any pizza style filling, pepperoni and cheese for pepperoni bread
-traditional with salami, cheese, peppers, etc.

Make it your Way Stromboli (adapted from Cooks Illustrated Best Make Ahead)

-1 pound of the dough of your choice
-Fillings of your choice
(approximately 4 ounces of cheese and 1/2 pound of lunch meat)

Bake at 400 degrees for about 30-40 minutes. You can cover with foil if desired for the first 20 minutes but it is not necessary.

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